Saturday, November 24, 2007

Google Desktop Gadgets - Hall of fame

I earlier wrote about Google Desktop and its featured gadgets. This time I am going to write you about Hall of fame :).

Before you go in to details, Just visit this page.

Hall of fame

What do you think?

This is what Google says,

"We love our developers! The first time your desktop gadget or indexing plug-in is added to our directory and shared with millions of Google Desktop users around the world, we'll send you a developer appreciation package. Subsequent submissions give you a shot at other rewards. If some of your gadgets or plug-ins become very popular, you'll earn a spot in our Developers' Hall of Fame."

As they said, I got the developer appreciation package for my first gadget - Simple calculator

Now I have developed four gadgets and you can see them in this page.

As Google said, If some of our gadgets become very popular, we can earn a spot in Developers Hall of Fame.

So all in all my Calculator gadget become very popular and Now I have a spot in Developer Hall of Fame :-D

If you go that page you can find my Name and some details of my gadgets, but my photograph not there :(. I sent my details with photograph to Google Desktop and hopefully they will publish it in future.

Finally Thanks Lahiru who motivated me to develop Google Desktop gadgets :) (Thanks machan)


vishnu said...

congrats to get a place in Google Developers` Hall of Fame.. keep up the good work !

Ishan said...

Thanks Vishnu :)

The Reader said...

Ado ela machan..
Congrats! :) n Thanks ;)

Ishan said...

hey Lahiru,

Thanks again machan for motivation

sunrise said...

check this