Thursday, July 26, 2007

Firefox vs IE(Internet Explorer)

Well firefox and Internet explorer, two different web browsers (and mostly use). So I thought to give some clues to select what is the best browser. I have some experience in developing web application using AJAX and CSS and ....... Ooops most of the times it generate some kind of bugs in IE (as it does every time ;-)). That is the reason why I am writing this article here.

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I think this is enough at the moment.

Apart from those articles, one big difference exists between them. Can you guess?

In most of the sites,

Firefox shows "DOWNLOAD it from here". :-)

IE shows "Check prices" :-(

"Lets use Firefox ;-)"


ranga kulasooriya said...

actually I think IE is free and firefox is also.
I use Firefox and I feel that firefox render pages better than IE.
But my friend what to do the majority still uses IE so we have to make the sites working properly on IE also.

Ishan said...

Ya we can downloac IE freely. But to install we should have windows license copy. isnt it? that mean we have to buy windows. If IE can install on linux (of course we can install ;-) there is a project calle IE4Linux), we can say its free.

ya you correct ranga the majority still use IE. We have to develop applications those should work with IE.

I just posted my personal opinions and some community thoughts. :-)

Dinusha Kumarasiri said... add some thoughts.the fame IE had for past few years is currently being losing.its mainly due to the strength of firefox.(that strength is always there since it is foss)

mainly the new IE7 has lots of bugs when it comes to the rendering phase.furthermore its awfully slow.

i think its time to move from the costly option to the cost free option. :)

Ishan said...

Yes dinusha you are absolutely correct. :-) This is time to move from buggy IE to awesome firefox.

The Reader said...

Great! Buddy!!

Feel the web! feel the power of 2F.