Saturday, September 29, 2007

Gentoo Linux

"Gentoo is all about choices. When installing Gentoo, this is made clear to you several times -- you can choose how much you want to compile yourself, how to install Gentoo, what system logger you want, etc."

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With a sudden decision, yesterday night, I tried to install Gentoo on my desktop machine. I am happy to say that, I did it :D. After one sleepless night, now I have working Gentoo box (BTW I am still installing Gnome).

They provide very useful manual to do so :). If you carefully follow it, you will be definitely succeed.

But something went wrong in my installation as I could not set up Grub correctly. Anyway I managed to setup LILO instead. I could not figure out the mistake I made. BTW I droped a mail to LKLUG regarding that issue and hopefully I will get an answer soon.

I will write my new experience on Gentoo. So, its time to do more and more hacking on Gentoo.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Google Desktop Gadgets

It is really fun. If you have free time, just try to code small gadget using Google Desktop API. It is really not much difficult thing ;-). This SDK lets us create gadgets and indexing plug-ins for Google Desktop.

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After creating your gadget, you can submit the software. Then Google will do a review and if your software performs well, they will approve it. Then you can find it by selecting the appropriate category from the links on the left side and scrolling down to your listing.

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To reward your creative talents, they would give you a limited edition Google Desktop Developer's patch or ........bla bla bla .. :D

I have developed small gadget so far and I am happy to say that they approved it. :)

So its time to develop more and more gadgets......... hope you will too.. cheers