Monday, September 15, 2008

MIA Paper Planes (Diss by DeLon)

I found this song and thought to share it with you....

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Google App Engine

Although Google has announced this quite while ago, I tried it today. It is amazing service (product) by google. I don not want to write more... Here is the url... try it yourself

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Sri Lanka in top 10 contries in the GSoC 2008

Google has recently announced the top 10 countries this year

See the article

I think this is a great achievement as a country. Well done guys :). Good luck with your great work.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Connecting your Nokia N70 phone in Linux

I tried several ways to connect my Nokia N70 phone in my Debian box. I did it using bluetooth, but I wanted to connect it via USB. So I did some googeling, but I did not find any solution. Therefore I raised that question in LKLUG (Lanka Linux User Group) and get few responses. This is what I did.

I used this link as suggested in LKLUG mailing list.

First of all I installed obexftp tool,

1.) sudo apt-get install obexftp

Using obexftp you can check whether the your phone is correctly connected to the machine.

2.) sudo obexftp -u

Above command indicates that.

All the above commands and related outputs are clearly mentioned in above link

Then I installed obextool (ObexTool is a graphical frontend for ObexFTP)

Debian repositories does not contain obextool packages.

Then I visited following link,

It contains all the repository details where obextool packages exists.

Copy following repository paths in your sources.list

deb extra main
deb-src extra main

execute following commands,

1.) sudo apt-get update
2.) sudo apt-get install obextool

After installing obextool, run the following command.

sudo obextool --obexcmd "obexftp -u 1"

So, thats it. now it list the contents in your mobile phone (My one is Nokia N70). It lists two letters. i.e. The phone's internal memory is accessed as C: whereas E: refers to the memory card.

Now you can exchage files etc etc...... Enjoy it :-D

Refer this link for more details