Saturday, September 29, 2007

Gentoo Linux

"Gentoo is all about choices. When installing Gentoo, this is made clear to you several times -- you can choose how much you want to compile yourself, how to install Gentoo, what system logger you want, etc."

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With a sudden decision, yesterday night, I tried to install Gentoo on my desktop machine. I am happy to say that, I did it :D. After one sleepless night, now I have working Gentoo box (BTW I am still installing Gnome).

They provide very useful manual to do so :). If you carefully follow it, you will be definitely succeed.

But something went wrong in my installation as I could not set up Grub correctly. Anyway I managed to setup LILO instead. I could not figure out the mistake I made. BTW I droped a mail to LKLUG regarding that issue and hopefully I will get an answer soon.

I will write my new experience on Gentoo. So, its time to do more and more hacking on Gentoo.

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