Tuesday, October 03, 2006

vista theme on ubuntu

HI guys,
U can install vista theme on ubuntu. For that download
(GTK+Icons+Metacity) and
(Screenshot icon theme Dropline Neu!) from following

1.Click on the Main Menu button. Go to System>Preferences>Themes.

2.Click on the Install theme button , open the bz2 or tar file.

3.Next install theme Dropline Neu.

4.In the Controls Tab select Lintsa_3 , in the Window border tab select
Linsta_3 and in the Icons tab , select Dropline Neu.

4. Save the theme as Vista.
Have nice day!


suraj said...

I think there is a bug ishan. If you select properties on an icon on the panel and select properties, the background is all blue and not clear.

Try it out:
(Right click on any icon on the panel-> properties)

If not, please let me know the solution.
Thnx, Suraj

Ishan said...

you mean in the vista theme?